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Rocket Launch System


This set contains 231 pieces and includes a heavy lift rocket, a hanger, launch tower, vertical assembly building, and a rocket transport. 

  1. The transport carries the core and its boosters from the hanger to the vertical assembly building. 
  2. Once there, the rocket is loaded onto the launch pad inside the vertical assembly building, and the satellite attached to the top of the rocket. 
  3. The vertical assembly building then slides away from the rocket, allowing the launch tower connectors to move into position. 
  4. Once the rocket is ready, you count down, the launch tower connectors swing away, and the rocket blasts off! 
  5. As the rocket climbs, the boosters detach and fall away. 
  6. Then the second stage separates from the main booster, continuing the climb to space. 
  7. Finally, the satellite separates and moves into its orbit.

The set is designed to be moderately challenging to build, to be a blast to play with, and to look great on your shelf!

Thanks for your support! 

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