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Wordsearch Puzzle


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Who doesn't love a good challenge?

With this Idea, you can custom-build your own wordsearch puzzle based on your favorite, well, anything!

Just think of all the possibilities:

  • LEGO Characters
  • Family Members
  • Animals
  • Food
  • LEGO Themes
  • Golf Courses
  • Celebrities
  • Vacation Destinations
  • Stock Tickers 😃

Building the puzzle is quite easy. First, assemble the base. Next, lay the alphabet tiles to build the words that need to be found. Then, randomly fill in the left over spaces to hide them!

This build measures 22x22 studs square and is a total of 2 bricks tall. It requires a minimum of 450 pieces. The more alphabet tiles available, the more variety you will have for your different puzzles!

If you think this would make a cool set, please support and comment!

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