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Nature In Your Home: Plants You've Never Seen


There's all these plants that you know about, but have acually seen them? Whether you want these as some nice decorative plants that you don't have to water, or as an educational item to get your kids into biology, this could make a very neat thing to have. Each of these plants (Or fungi!) are in classic brown flower pots with a label, showing each of their scientific names.

Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytrap) Is a carnivorous plant. It has trigger hairs that when a bug touches it, the "mouth" will snap shut and trap the bug, so that it can start digest it. My fly trap has four heads, the biggest two of which have ball-and-socket connections, so that you can move them around. In one of it's "mouths" there is a Musca domestica (House fly).

Echinocactus grusonii (Barrel Cactus) is a type of cactus, shaped like a barrel (Obviously). I really do not know much about them, but I think they can lots of water. My model of it is made up out of bar-and-clip pieces, with flowers as the spines.

Amanita muscaria (That classic red mushroom that you see everywhere.) Is a mushroom. I have decided to build this, because it's the classic red mushroom. You see everywhere. But does anyone even know what it is? What it's called? I have built this using plates stacked on top of each other to form a circle, with the classic white dots on top.


Thank you for spending valuable time to check this out, and I would appreciate your support.


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