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Happy Birthday

LEGO "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" consists of 13 capital letters and a base. It looks great with its soft, even shapes and bright, clear LEGO colours. The neutral base in light blue grey makes it look brilliant.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY is more than just a few letters. HAPPY BIRTHDAY is the most famous expression in the world. In all languages and in all countries. Everyone knows HAPPY BIRTHDAY, everyone loves HAPPY BIRTHDAY. There are so many birthdays every day! The world needs HAPPY BIRTHDAY made of LEGO.
It's made for everyone who has a birthday: For boys and girls, for children and adults, for teachers and students, for LEGO fans and alphabet fans - it's for everyone!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a gift or an accessory, a game or a puzzle. It is a lot of fun!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a beautiful set. And it offers many other possibilities:
  • Build HAPPY BIRTHDAY without instructions. Will you succeed?
  • You can invent new letters and words. Can you write your name or build numbers?
  • You can separate the base and give each letter its own base.
  • Which parts from your LEGO collection can you use for other models?
  • Sort the letters like in a rainbow. Does it make sense? You decide!
  • Build HAPPY BIRTHDAY with mixed colours. Stones of the same colour must not touch each other. Can you do it?
  • Bring HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the birthday party. Everyone wants to play with it right away. It will be a success!
  • How would it look if you put the letters on the roofs of your LEGO City?
  • Is it your grandmother's birthday too? Take a picture of your HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Send her the picture of your model. She'll love that you thought of her!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a great way to learn. Letters are much more fun when you can touch them and make them yourself. All the letters will be your friends. Can you maybe also learn something about numbers? Or about shapes and colours? Try it out.

It's so easy to learn with LEGO. With HAPPY BIRTHDAY it's extra fun!

Happy Birthday consists of 268 bricks. It is the right size for a small gift.

With LEGO HAPPY BIRTHDAY we make the world more colourful, happier and a better place.

By the way, dear LEGO:
Isn't it your 90th birthday?

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