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Martial Arts Dojo


The Martial Arts Dojo is full of exciting surprises and amazing details.                        

The first floor of this MOC is a dojo. Its details include a working LEGO mirror, trophies on a shelf, a silver katana on an ornate stand, as well as a scabbard of red sparing katanas, a manuscript on the wall, kendo helmets on the floor, which is beautifully tiled to look like a hardwood floor.                                                          

Going up to the second floor by the stairs on the back of the building leads to an apartment. Inside you’ll find a kitchenette, a bed, guitars on the wall, and more great details.                                                        

Taking the ladder up to the roof leads to a small garden and a skylight.                      

I think that this should become a LEGO set because of its details and endless playability. It would be an excellent addition to the LEGO modular building series. 

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