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Dodge A100 Vintage Van


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1965 Dodge A100.  

The Vintage Van Classic!  (Apologies to "Econoheads") Love seeing the few that are left out on the highway.  I love the look of this beast!  See real versions here!

8-Wide format so there is limited functionality, but with correct seat configuration, over cowl engine placement, crazy bug eyes, and roof detailing.  

This van was used by families, service shops, and drag racers.   Today it's a true classic.  There are fewer and fewer of them on the roads, but this one will live forever! This is a relatively easy project that looks cool and stays true to the vintage van feel.

This is one of the first projects in my Vintage Van series, and it's the one nearest my heart!  Check my page to see my other Vintage Van projects.  I might be working on your favorite right now!

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