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Here is, what I believe to be, what could be the second wave of Monster Fighters but it would be set in 2012. I changed the name because my theme is different enough that it could be re-branded. The basic idea is this;
The FBI have sent two agents on what they believe will be a wild goose chase that leads them all around the country. It turns out to be a great adventure where they see the stuff of legend right in front of them. Once 'The Director' finds out that they are on to something he assembles Taskforce X, a secret military unit set up to capture these monsters and develop them for military use.

Rather than use the classic "universal studios" monsters I decided to go with urban legends

First set:
The Ghost Rider Encounter
Price: $12.99

Here are our two agents, to the right we have Agent Catherine "Cat" Moldy, and to the right we have Agent Don Boney (hooray for X-files parodies)

I have a whole line planned out
-$19.99-The Zombies- Includes a secluded shack, two zombies, Agent Moldy, and a human survivor. Think something along the line of Night of the living dead with an old cabin boarded up and zombies in the front yard.

-$29.99- Your idea here- I wanted to give the supporters the chance to submit their own ideas and if I see one i like I will turn it into a set

-$49.99-The Roswell Retrieval-Includes two 'Grays' (your stereotypical bug eyed aliens), two armored members of Taskforce X and Two hasmat guys (possibly one if this drives up the price). Also include is a UFO and a baseplate with a brickbuilt crater, and a black Taskforce X helecopter.

-69.99-The Mothman's Bridge-Includes something similar to the bridge in the old spiderman sets, The Mothman, the Jersey Demon (refrained from using the word devil because, well you know),a fish faced Deep Sea Diver,the two agents and an innocent civilian. I considered including collapsing bridge action but I thought it would be in bad taste. The best part is that it would be unique enough to be spooky, yet normal enough to work in your lego city. Also includes an agency car for Boney and Moldy, a van for the civilian, and an octopus for fish-face to ride on.

-$99.99-$119.99-The J. Edgar Hoover Building-Includes- Agents Moldy and Boney, The Director, The Overseer (with a unique twist,) , and agent of Taskforce X,The Slender man, The Rake and Phantom. Includes a getaway car for The Director and The Overseer, a holding cell for the Phantom, interchangeable bodies for The Slender man (attacking or waiting), a zip line for the Taskforce X agent,a helipad,a garage and a gate.
Alt. name-Attack on FBI Headquarters

Before you think these are all just ideas I wanted to let you know that I will be updating this throughout the year with all of these sets done in real bricks.

EDIT: I noticed that this page has a lot of traffic, if you view please support, more pictures coming soon.

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