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Steam Locomotive "Rasender Roland"


this is my Lego Ideas submission of the "Rasender Roland" from the "Rügenschen Bäderbahn"!
This set honors the historic steam locomotive on the island of "Rügen" in Germany. The "Rasender Roland" is one of the oldest steam-powered locomotives in the country and offers stunning views of the Baltic Sea and lush forests.

This Lego set includes a functioning replica of the railway, powered by a steam locomotive and several passenger cars. The railway can run on standard Lego tracks.

This set is designed for children and adults who love to build and play. It is also perfect for anyone with an interest in history and steam locomotives. With its unique design and playability, the set offers endless possibilities for creative play and collector display.

The Set includes:

  • 1x Steam locomotive "Rasender Roland" 99 1782-4
  • 1x Passenger car closed
  • 1x Passenger car open
  • in total, there are 2145 parts

By voting for the "Rasender Roland", you are showing your support for this great railway and helping me bring my vision of a Lego set to life.

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