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Perpetual Calendar


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This is a desk calendar that can be adjusted to represent any month in the Gregorian calendar. Moreover, once assembled, this kinetic structure can be configured to any month without having to disassemble the connected bricks and beams.

This set is a spiritual successor to the LEGO brick calendar sets (#853195 from 2011 and #850581 from 2013). However, unlike those sets which have to be reassembled every month, this calendar can be adjusted without taking it apart. No reassembly required!

The central conveyor belt consists of LEGO treads and sprockets. This mechanism is directly inspired from the LEGO set #71374 (Nintendo Entertainment System).

I have seen many different perpetual calendar mechanical devices out there, but I haven't seen one that allows the user to turn on or turn off the 29th, 30th, and 31st dates of the month.  LEGO is versatile enough to allow for rotary binary blocks to represent these optional dates in the calendar.  These rotary blocks can be flipped to turn them on or off.

This contraption is a hand-cranked device with no motors or power functions. Possible future enhancements include interfacing with a Mindstorms robotic controller.

There are approximately 250 LEGO parts in this set. Please visit my blog for a list of parts:

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