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Cambrian Trilobite

      Until their extinction around 300 million years ago, trilobites were some of the most diverse animals to ever exist. There were about 20,000 species, and they came in just about every shape and size. Their closest living relative is probably its fellow arthropod, the horseshoe crabs. Horseshoe crabs came from the same general time as trilobites, although they did not go extinct.
      Here I have finally made a model that I have been trying to make for a while. Trilobites are hard animals to turn into LEGO, given the odd shape, texture, and protrusions. The model in this set is life-sized (for an average species), and comes with a handy display stand. The stand is easily removed, yet secure, making this a great set to display anywhere. I think this would make a terrific set because it is an extremely accurate model of probably the most iconic Cambrian animal. I built this set because I enjoy making models of ocean animals, and prehistoric one are a fun challenge.

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