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Peet's Castle


One quiet day in Glipwood Township, Janner Igiby helps Oskar N. Reteep, (appreciator of the strange, neat, and/or yummy) in his bookstore, Books & Crannies. This would be a carefree day for Janner, but his two siblings, Tink and Leeli, tag along. Unfortunately for all three of them, while Janner and Tink are in the bookstore, Leeli is kidnapped by Slarb the Fang. Slarb takes Leeli into the forest, intending to lure her brothers in as well. But Slarb did not count on Peet the Sockman.

    Peet the Sockman, assumed mad by the citizens of Glipwood, comes to the rescue of Leeli by strangling Slarb the Fang. He then takes Leeli to his “Castle”, a treehouse in the biggest Glipwood tree in the forest. Here she is safe from all the forest creatures (e.g. quill diggles, horned hounds, toothy cows, etc.) until her Grandpa Podo finds her.


    This model of Peet’s castle is based on the drawing from Tink’s sketchbook in Andrew Peterson’s book North! Or be Eaten. (Book 2 of 4 in the Wingfeather Saga.) If this was made into a set, you could recreate Leeli’s capture and Peet’s battle with the fang using the treehouse and three minifigures: Peet, Leeli, and Slarb the Fang. Inside the two-part treehouse is a fireplace and a sleeping mat.


    Would you like to have this as a set? Of course you would. All you have to do is click the support button on the right-hand side of the screen. It’s free. Also, If you like this project, check out my other model “The Igiby Cottage” from the Wingfeather Saga and support that too!

Note: Preferably, the Slarb minifigure would have a snake head like the ones used by the Serpentine in the LEGO® Ninjago Theme. However, I made this on LEGO® Digital Designer and the only snake head it had didn’t have any printing and it looked just plain weird. So I used a standard head instead

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