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Library and Art Gallery 2-in-1 Creator Set


The library and art gallery both seem to be forgotten pieces of the Lego community.  So one day I picked up a couple bricks and starting building.  At first I was going to make it Lego Batman: Battle at the art gallery, but I decided that it didn’t look like a real Batman set and tried to go for just an art gallery.

I wasn’t putting much work into my project at first, just a couple Lego bricks a day, but eventually I decided that I would have to finish, so I devoted an hour or two into it and got a small art gallery with two painting hanging upon its walls. 

It seemed bare and empty, so I put in a computer for no apparent reason and then a bookshelf.  Now it just looked stupid because of the paintings, so I took them down and decided on a library instead of an art gallery.

When I tried to put books on my shelf, I realized it needed a lot of work.  I made it taller and wider and covered it with smooth pieces until the books fit snugly into their slots.  But deep down I still wanted that little art gallery, too.  I went straight over and tried to make another building with the same design.  It didn’t work.

Finally I was looking at a Lego catalog when I saw a 2in1 Creator Set.  Immediately I went to work and here it is.

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