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Minecraft stronghold + npc village

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This is my lego minecraft npc-village with stronghold underneath , it is based on the minecraft npc village and includes a blacksmith, 2 houses, 2 trees and a wheat farm.
the stronghold includes a fountain, an end portal, and 2 chests.
it has no npc's in it but i'm working on it.
you are able to attach and separate the stronghold with the npc-village, it includes a part witch is to be used to put all the pieces of the npc-villages on it in a way they stay leveled the right way.

all pieces are separated in this picture. The upper parts could be attached to each others using a not shown part, the bottom parts could be attached to each others without using any other parts. the upper parts can be placed on the lower parts to make everything being connected to the rest of the entire set (accept for the not-shown foot piece for the upper parts).

the foot piece where you can put the npc-village on.

the foot part with the npc-village.

the stronghold without the npc-village.

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