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Vikings Island

  In 2020 Lego launched the Lego Ideas set Pirates of Barracuda Bay, that was not only a remake for the Lego set Black Seas Barracuda but also a reborn for the Pirates theme, that in my opinion is one of the most amazing lego themes.
  So thinking about that it is impossible not think in the Lego Vikings theme, that is another great line that deserves a remake , so I decided to make a tribute to this theme with this project, the Vikings Island.
  In the picture number 1 is the entire project, with the vikings ship, some platforms above the watter level with a watchtower, some small rocks and 2 big rocks with some trees and a bridge connecting them.
  In the picture number 2 is a view of the project from the top.
  In the picture  number 3 and 4 is a perspective of the project from the viking ship, like you are one of the vikings in the ship seing the island.
  In the picture number 5 is possible to see more details of the 2 big rocks being connected by a bridge (One thing that I really like on these rocks is the statue on the left rock, that represents a statue of a nordic god).
  In the picture number 6 and 7 is possible to see more details of the vikings ship.
  In the picture number 8 is possible to see more details of the platforms above the watter level and the watchtower.
  In the picture number 9 is possible to see more details of the platforms above the watter level (One of the minifigures that I most like is the old man cleaning the fish).
  In the picture number 10 and 11 is possible to see the main platform with some rocks and trees, a watchtower, a blacksmith and even a lumberjack (One detail that I really like here is the bird's nest).
  In the picture number 12 is possible to see one of the features of this project, that when the roof of the watchtower is opened reveals some food bags the vikings are storing.
  In the picture number 13 and 14 is possible to see another feature that when the floor of the watchtower is removed it shows the silver of the vikings.
  And in the last picture it shows the selection of 12 minifigures that are in this project.

  Thanks for seing the project, I hope you liked and support and be so excited for a Lego Vikings set as I am.

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