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heroica volcano of doom set

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I feel like there is not enough heroica sets so I made one and put it on cuusoo
like the title say's its in a volcano(of doom) with a bit of snow on the outside of the volcano caves and a boss at the end.
I tried to add lots of environment detail.
if you want me to change something just post a comment

these are the monsters the heros will face on the way
snow goblin 1 health, lave scorpion 2 health and the lava goblin(boss) 3 health
heros are wizard barbarian and knight (if I get 1k suporters I may make a new hero)

like all heroica sets this set has a artefact mission to get the artefact witch is golden armour
you have to get the key from the boss.

this is what the set looks like taken apart

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