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Lego Star Wars Galactic Empire Command Center


heads -NOT- comming soon

hi everyone!

i wan't to thank my supporters and my followers.

i know i still didn't add an update with the heads; i'm a little busy right now, but they will be added as soon as possible

thanks for everything, and if you wan't, tell others about this idea, so that they'll be able to see this idea and the ideas that will come

(little announcement; new series comming soon, and it has DINOSAURS that are REVIVED!!!)


EDIT: I wrote and said that the haids would follow, but they never made it (due to not having feet...) I was not possible to draw them correctly and because time is running out for this set, I won't upload them anymore...

But keep your haids up, more and better sets may follow this one!



Here my on YouTube posted timelapse!



spelling correction

my 6# supporter noticed a misspelling, and i wan't to correct it, i wrote: "the haids will be included in an update".


i wrote 'haids' instead of 'heads', sorry of that :/