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Caribbean Trade Station (Colonial, Non-Imperial)

Basic Idea
Everyone likes a pirate: wild haircut, rebellious uniform and tons of fancy equipment from all the plundering while singing shanties? For obvious reasons not everyone can become a pirate. Although the singing might actually be fun. Haaarrr.
How about keeping the strongest elements of the Caribbean theme while getting rid of all weapons? How about a mere trade station? How about a former imperial trade post handed over to civilians? I found that this might become a very nice addition to the usual line-up of pirates and redcoats. Feel free to join my kind civilians. :-)
About The Model
The idea took form over several weeks and started with an undefined rock. On top of which I imagined some kind of plateau for building a sturdy building with some residual battlements. Bit by bit I became enthusiastic about the details: two balconies, a “wooden” roof structure, a functional (!) bell tower, a beautiful solar clock that resembles an owl and a removable roof to allow a glimpse at the mosaic in the first floor's main hall…
The surrounding details and some story telling elements have been added later. My favourite is Nora's secret escape route to her very own sandcastle underneath the palm tree. Did you notice the knotted rope in the background? It’s where she climbed down.
The model does not include functional cannons or small firearms like muskets. However, underneath the staircase you might find the rusty remains of one doomed cannon from the last owner. I hope that you will appreciate the approach.
Thanks for your interest and reading all of it. Have fun!

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