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Humvee (Civilian edition)


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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my newest project, the Humvee! I've always loved the look of this vehicle, and I;m happy to bring you the beautiful civilian edition- In eye-catching maroon and black!This model is actually one of my earliest builds, but I submitted it to Ideas after a long time, since I had to get rid of the mounted turrets and the dull brown color scheme.

The model has approximately 1500 bricks, so as you can imagine, it's quite large. The humvee measures 49cm long, 24cm wide, and 21cm tall.

Being a Technic fan, I made sure this truck would be as functional as well as good looking. It comes with

  • 4 wheel drive
  • Steering
  • Full-on wishbone suspension 
  • An opening front hood
  • and opening doors

(Note- the chassis image does not show the suspension springs, as these were almost impossible to add in LDD)

The model is quite sturdy, since I built the chassis in real life and tested it thoroughly. As you can see, I've worked in quite a lot of detail into the vehicle, while also trying to maintain it's thoroughly rugged look.

So thanks for checking out my project! If you like it, then please support, comment, and follow it, and do spread the word!                                                                                                                             sincerely,


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