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Lego Surfing


Lego Surfing

I created this 'Surfing' piece by using two different shades of clear blue circular bricks along with clear blue 1x2 bricks. I also used a small number of clear white circular and 1x2 bricks to create a sea spray effect around the edge of the wave to give it a great action effect of the water spilling over or the wave breaking.

By alternating strips of the clear blue bricks you get a sense of movement of the wave and by interlinking the circular bricks with the 1x2 bricks it allows slight movement so you can create a really nice natural smooth curve to create the tube effect for the surfer to go through.

This could be a single display piece as it looks amazing on its own. The wave could be as large or as long as you want it to be but I created this surfing piece to fit nicely around the surfer so the minifigure wouldn't look lost.

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