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LL-918 Inspired Classic Spaceship

LL-918 inspired classic spaceship
This model is inspired by classic space sets 918-1 and 928-1 (also known as LL-918 and LL-928), taking inspiration from the shape and colour scheme from the original sets, but changing it quite considerably in many ways, for example I gave the wings highlights of dark-bluish grey. I tried to give it the style of the 70s sets whilst making it look like a more modern Lego set. This model utilises the distinctive yellow and black striping from 928-1, but I have given it a modern look, stacking plates to make it smaller. This has allowed me to fit this motif into more places than if I had used the same method as the original, appearing subtly on the nose and on the tail.
This model has three posable landing legs, which have smooth bases to allow the spaceship to be easily pushed across surfaces. Its wings heavily use SNOT techniques which, because they can be built directly into the central structure of the model, are quite strong! Using SNOT in the wings has also allowed me to build in greater detail as I mentioned earlier with the striping. The model is made up of 406 parts.
Thanks for supporting and I hope you like this model!

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