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1970 Bond Bug 700ES


Welcome to my 4th Lego Ideas submission, the 1970 Bond Bug 700ES.

The Bond Bug is a cult car built by Reliant Cars of Tamworth, England.

Launched in 1970 it was in production until 1974.  It was based on the running gear of the Reliant Regal 3 wheeler utilising parts of it's chassis and much of it's running gear.  The bond too had just 3 wheels making for some interesting driving characteristics.  It's 700cc 4 cylinder Reliant engine gave it a top speed of 76mph - plenty for a car of this type!

The unusual body was designed by Tom Karen of British design consultancy Ogle Design and fabricated out of fibreglass.  Access into the Bug is via an unusual forward tilting canopy.

All Bugs came in striking tangerine orange save for a handful of promotional cars that were finished in white. 

This model has been one of the more difficult for me to design.  The complexity of the design was due in part to it's small dimensions, the forward tilting canopy and including the exposed rear suspension and differential components of the real car.

The model features a tilting canopy, weather doors, a detailed interior and the famous 3 wheeled layout.

As with all my submissions, Its size fits in well with existing creator models.  The brick count is reasonable and the construction is straight forward.

I hope you like it as this one has been a real head scratcher to design at times!



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