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Miniature Middle Earth


Tolkien's fantastic Middle Earth, brought to the visual world by Peter Jackson's awe-inspiring film trilogy holds many iconic locations, that any number of Lego sets (with a reasonable number of bricks) can not recreate in detail. However, scaled down you'll find Middle Earth still looks equally stunning and limiting each location to fit on a 1X16 brick gives some creative results. I recreated 16 of the most spectacular locations based off their film appearances. I included some minute details such as Shelob and her lair, Gandalf the White in Fangorn, Nazgûl on horseback in Weathertop and an Uruk Beserker at Helm's Deep. The 16 locations come with one base plate which can hold 8 locations at one time.

There were not many issues in the set's design. Minas Tirith and Helm's Deep are the only locations that I am not fully happy with. Please support!

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