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Gravity Falls Dipper

Above is a accurate recreation of the iconic opening scene from Gravity Falls featuring on one the main characters of the show Dipper Pines. This is something I've decided to make because it encapsulates one of the first moments of every episode, displaying an icon in the most fitting way. In it is a working light function that lights the candle and a glown in the dark spider on top.

In effect this would be an ideal Lego set due to it's small proportions it would be affordable yet packed with details and features (functioning candle light), works as an eye catching desk topper, from the stone pine tree (Dipper's symbol for zodiac) to the dingy atmosphere the reminisces to the show. If this is made a set it would be ideal as to commemorate 10th anniversary of the show (10 going on 11).

Be sure to share with fellow fans and support, because the more the support the more I can afford a better paint job.

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