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Mini Xbox Console and Controllers

This is a set of 2 miniature Xbox’s and 5 mini controllers. It is in two different colors, one red one black, and the controllers are all white with different colored dots as buttons, one black and one red, orange, yellow, green, or blue. I built this in mini because real size would be way too big and I don’t actually have a Xbox, I have a switch, and I think it looks really cool. I came up with this feature where there is a little lego piece sticking out the back which you push and from the front out comes a game disc slot to put your disc in. It fits one dots as the disc and also on the side has a colored dot which indicates on and off which you can see in the photos above or below. I just wanna try something out and would be really happy if you supported because this would make a great mini lego set with its cool features and yeah. I worked really hard on this so thanks for supporting and thanks a lot!

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