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Modular Dream House


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Introducing dream house modular. The following is a summary work. 


■ Summary

- Theme : Dream House Modular

- Size : 255(W) X 345(H) X 255(D)

- Brick : almost 2500 pcs

- Period : 1 week

■ Explanation

Concept of this work is the exterior design was old fashioned architecture and the interior emphasized the charm of the Lego.

The color of this work was made by yellow ocher and dark red color.

Made from modular series similar size, the product can also be combined with each other. 

This work was composed of three floor, each layer is possible to separate. 

Next explanation about each floor.


1st floor 

- The first floor has a den with a small parking lot.

2nd floor 

- The second floor is the living room put TV, sofa, beds and the like.

3rd Floor 

- The third floor has a terrace in the outdoor cook.


dream house modular is possible using a variety of mini-figure diorama. 


Thank you. Enjoy Lego life

Have a good day!!!

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