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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta


   Blizzeta is the boss battle at the end of the Snowpeak Ruins, the fifth dungeon in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

   In the game, Link goes to the Snowpeak province looking for one of the pieces of the broken Mirror of Twilight. There, he finds a yeti named Yeto, who claims to have found it and takes Link back to the Snowpeak Ruins, where he lives with his wife Yeta. After Link makes his way through the dungeon, helps Yeto make some soup, and finds the key that he needs, Yeta takes him to the room where they keep the Mirror Shard. She is corrupted by the shard, encases herself and the room in ice, then attacks Link.

Included in this project are:

  • A minifigure of Link. His accessories could include the ball and chain, a bottle of soup, the sheathed Master Sword and a hylian shield.
  • A brick-built minifigure of Yeta. She has a 2-sided head with one face looking how she normally does, and one from when she is corrupted. Ideally, her fur would also be printed with the pattern it has in the game.
  • The form of Blizzeta from the second stage of the battle. This includes the main ice block, where Yeta is encased, and the 10 pillars that float around it. The top of the main block is removable, and Yeta can be put in and taken out.
  • A section of the room's wall, where the Mirror Shard is hanging.

   Because the bottoms of the ice elements more or less come to a point, and it would be rather difficult to play with or display large numbers of them balancing on one stud, I have developed two methods to keep the ice pillars upright. The first option is a stand for each pillar, made of one 4x4 round plate connected to a 2x2 round plate with a hole in the middle for the bottom of the pillar to attatch to. The next option is a device to hang the ice pieces from, similar to a mobile or chandelier.

   This model currently contains 1505 pieces. It was built in Lego Digital Designer, and rendered using Bluerender.

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