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Lego Forts



When I think back to my childhood, one of my favorite memories was building forts. I would gather everything I could find and let my imagination do the rest. My bed would become a pirate ship, my closet would become a secret lair and a simple blanket over some chairs would become a cave of wonders. No one but me could ever see what my imagination had created. This is the inspiration for my submission, a glimpse into the world of a what we all have created in our own mind's as children. 

My creation show's an average child's bedroom with a mini fort that he has created. You can see the child's love of pirates from the treasure maps, pirate flags and treasure chest found in his bedroom. We then dive deeper into the child's imagination where fantasy becomes reality. He is transformed into our hero on a journey to find the lost treasure. While on his journey, he encounters a pirate who seeking the same treasure. They must battle it out and make it back before dinner!

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