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Mad Scientist's Laboratory Part 2


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About This Project

This project is an add on to part one which can sit beside it to create a larger lab. Part two is the Mad Scientist's apprentice's section of the lab where she loves to work with robots and eat chocolate chip cookies. Her name is Izzy she has a flying friend she made named Bobo. They are working on a Terrible Terror Bot that they hope will impress the master. The lab has her desk and shelf for her tools, potions, robot parts, snacks, a jar of extra eyes, and a bouquet of flowers. Beside the desk is the power and control station. Above that is Bobo aiming the robot energizer at the Terrible Terror Bot. In the front center of this section of the lab is the operating table that can lock the subject in. The table also can tilt back and forth depending on the situation. The table also assists in the re energizing process. The head rest is also adjustable. Just like part one this is just a section of the Mad Scientist's home.

Play Features:

  • The table can tilt back and forth.
  • The table has arm restraints and an adjustable head rest.
  • The focus dish that Bobo is aiming can be raised and lowered as needed.


  • The Mad Scientist's apprentice Izzy.
  • Izzy's creation and friend Bobo. The flying eyeball guy.
  • The Terrible Terror Bot.
  • Minifigure accessories like a chocolate chip cookie, mug, syringe and the Terrible Terror Bot's sword.

I think this is a fun and cool addition to the Mad Scientist's Laboratory set. If you like this set please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.

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