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Jurassic Park - T-Rex Attack


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Time to play Jurassic Park!  The T-Rex Attack scene.

You're in the director's seat now, build the set and play out the icon scene as Ian Malcolm distracts the T-Rex and Dr. Grant saves Tim and Lex from the Jurassic Park tour vehicle.  Will Gennaro survive?  That's up to you!

The set includes:

  • Dr. Alan Grant (+ raptor claw), Dr. Ian Malcolm, Donald Gennaro (+ briefcase), and Tim and Lex Murphy minifigures
  • 1 Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • 1 Tour Vehicle (+ night vision goggles and 2 flares)
  • 1 T-Rex Paddock Sign
  • 2 Segments of collapsible fence
  • 1 Bathroom with fall-away walls
  • And a tree for 1 or 2 scenes

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