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The Gondola


The gondola is a traditional Venetian rowing boat. It is propelled by a gondolier, who uses a rowing oar, that also acts as the rudder. The iron prow-head called "fero da prorà" is needed to balance the weight of the gondolier at the stern and has an "Ƨ" shape symbolic of the twists in the Canal Grande. Under the main blade there is a comb with six teeth ("rebbi") standing for the six sestrieri of Venice. A tooth juts out backwards and symbolises the island of Giudecca. The curved top signifies the Doge's cap. The semi-circular break between the curved top and the six teeth is said to represent the Rialto Bridge. In the middle of the boat there's a couch for the tourists to sit and enjoy the view from the canals, and on the stern there's a carpet for the gondolier and the forcola to hold the oar. The flag stirring in the wind is the flag of the Republic of Venice and now flag of the city.                                                                              This set is made of 919 bricks and comes with the minifugure of a gondolier and a support to hold the gondola and display it.

Hope you like it:)

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