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Malcolm in the middle House

Malcolm in the middle is one of the most recognizable TV sitcoms ever made.
This set includes House from Malcolm in the middle series,also car and garage.

This set has 1 606 pieces + 6 minifigures:

Minifigures are:

House has:
-Living room
-Hal's and Lois bedroom
-Kids bedroom

Also includes easily removable garage and roofs and car also.


Look from the top of the house,garage and car

Kid's bedroom and bathroom.

Kid's bedroom includes:
-2 beds (one for Malcolm and Dewey and one for Reese)
-Some toys: Teddy bear,rocket,fireworks

Bathroom includes:
-Sink and mirror
-Shelves with comb
-Toilet paper

These pictures are 4 separate pictures:

Pictures on the top show kitchen and living room

Kitchen includes:
-A lot of messy food
-Some knives

Living room includes:
-Big couch
-Small desk with remote control and drink
-Small desk with lamp
-Big windows
-Entering door in the house

Last picture shows Hal's and Lois's bedroom

Bedroom includes:
-Big bed
-Some lamps
-Clock on the wall

I hope You like this project and You want it to be in Your collection.

Feel free to check my other projects from out favorite TV sitcoms.

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