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Easter Island


Lego Easter Island

Easter Island is a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean. The people who live on Easter Island are of Polynesian origin and are called Rapa Nui. Rapa Nui people call their island "Te Pito o Te Henua", in English "the navel of the world."

I visited Easter Island during a vacation in 2008, together with my girlfriend (now wife). Easter Island is wonderful and impressive for many reasons, and now I built a Lego version that aims to capture the main attractions of this remote island.

From the archaeological point of view Easter Island is famous because had hundreds of huge statues of volcanic stone, called "moai", that were built by the Rapa Nui people at the height of their culture. The statue has a hat, which can weigh several tons and is made of red volcanic stone. Usually, the statues don't have the eyes, but in traditional festivities, eyes are placed. The eyes of the moai are made of white coral and black obsidian. I build a Moai with the eyes in place.

From the point of view of tourism Easter Island has several very beautiful beaches, the water is so warm and to swim in the ocean is very nice and the diving is very popular.


The set has a total of fourteen minifigs:

Three minifigs of Rapa Nui people, two men and a one female. 

Two tourists on horseback. Horses are very abundant on the island and are used by natives and tourists.

There are six minifigures on the beach, two are doing surf (a girl and a boy), other two are walking along the beach, a woman is sunbathing in bikini and a man prepares to dive.

There are also other three minifigs: a girl touring the island by bicycle with her cat (cats are the preferred pet on Easter Island), a man with binoculars watching birds, and a ranger.


Easter Island is a paradise, far, beautiful and exotic, that deserves a Lego set (and a trip, of course).

I hope you enjoy this project and support it.

Thank you!

Best regards!

Iorana! (A rapa nui word that means both hello and goodbye)



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