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The Stone Guardian and the Hammer of Light

The Stone Guardian is the protector of the Hammer of Light. The Stone Guardian is accompanied by the Cat Guardian and three Shadow Guards each with weapons powered by the Hammer of Light. Any person who wields the hammer of light will have the power to control all of the Guardians.
The adventure begins when the two hero’s set out to gain control of the hammer. One is a knight and the other an archer and together will they be able to conquer this temple? Their journey is up to you. 

This set will include five mini figures:
  • One knight with a power sword
  • One archer with a crossbow 
  • Two side guards with power axes and shields
  • One main guard with a power hammer 
It will also include:
  • The Stone guardian with a big power hammer
  • The Stone Cat Guardian

The Stone Guardian and cat statue are very pose-able with somewhat complex designs that are fun to put together. It contains about 1050 pieces. It is possible to fit a minifigure within the chest of the Stone Guardian to make it pilot it. It's also possible for a minifigure to ride on the back of the cat statue.

The reason I built this was because I wanted to offer a unique idea that is original that I hope other people will enjoy as well.
This will make a great set since it offers a lot of playability and looks very cool as a display piece.
Hope you like it.

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