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Cantilever Style House

This is a model of a cantilever house inspired by a similar house in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The 1st Building (Right) Includes:
  • Sofa
  • TV in cabinet with DVD player and DVDs
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Deck

The 2nd Building (Left) Includes:
  • Master bedroom
                  Wing-back chair
                  Side table
                  Large bed
  • Bathroom
  • Guest bedroom
                  Chest of drawers
                  Small bed
  • Roof mount solar array
  • Deck
  • Two mini-figures
  • Crab
  • Two beach chairs
  • Lawn mower

The model has approximately 2420 parts. I think this would be great for anybody who is interested in an upscale seaside vacation property for their mini-figures. I was inspired to build this model after I watched an architecture documentary that included a similar house in Nova Scotia, Canada. I used Mecabricks to build this model.

No illegal building techniques included.

Thank you for viewing this project!  If you enjoyed, please support and comment!

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