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War of the Worlds - Tripod Attack!


Isn't that just typical. There you are, enjoying a sunny day in the Victorian English countryside when all of a sudden those marauding martian tripods turn up and start wreaking havoc on the your neighbourhood and vaporizing your friends!

HG Wells wrote a brilliant and timeless story and one hundred years ago. Even reading it today, the tripods are frightening and equally fascinating. The novel will be 120 years old next year - it's a bout time we had a Lego celebration!

My take shows different coloured machines, designed to show the individuality of each martian piloting it.

In human terms, they would stand approx. 40 feet high - not to be messed with.

Each machine is constructed with approx. 50-60 pieces. Comes complete with Victorian gent and vaporized skeleton!!

Please look at all the pictures and give it a vote if you like it!



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