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72 Foot Refrigerator Car


The design is a 72' Refrigerator Car, built similar to the ones designed by Trinity Railcar.

There is not meant to be any specifics at the moment as for licensing (ie. having decals for Tropicana, Union Pacific "ARMN" line, etc.). This is for you to run on whatever produce train you would like! 

The advantages that can come with having this as an official set include the following:

  • It is a modern example of freight and offers educational value on how logistics and the economy are in to the 21st Century.
  • This car is absolutely versatile. You can make unit trains out of this, add to a My Own Train consist as a mixed freight, and even join this freight car with previous LEGO(R) Train models such as the BNSF GP38 and the Maersk Train. If conditions and demand permit, a forklift, truck, and palettes could be integrated to maximize play value.
  • And it is fun to run on your LEGO train layout!


This will be your chance to have a LEGO version of either the award winning Tropicana Juice Train, Produce Express, or other perishable produce trains! The reefer is fully detailed with replications of the grab irons, door handles, and the refrigerating unit. Real life examples run on many American railroads. 

Do not hesitate to comment whether you will like for the doors to function and for orange juice or other perishables palettes to come as accessories to allow more playability! 

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