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LEGO La La Land

I only recently watched La La Land and I fell in love with it immediately. Not only was the acting, dancing and story telling amazing, but the cinematography captured the premise perfectly. This is why I needed to create this project.

So, Join Mia and Seb on the beginning of their story in this 350+ piece diorama ripped straight from the movie. You can dance on the benches. Dance around lamp-posts and re-live their first and most memorable night together.

I really wanted this set to stand out from the other sets already made on this scene. So I decided to create the backdrop of the night sky. I think this creates the atmosphere of the scene perfectly and makes the set look a lot more unique and display worthy. But, like the many sets before, I had to keep the forced perspective mountains. Along with the backdrop, I made sure to not only include the lamppost, but also the bench, as I feel both these structures add some variety to the scene and iconic-ness.

Thanks for your support, and have a lovely night, just like Seb and Mia!

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