Product Idea

Medieval Watermill

     This is a model of a minifigure-scale watermill from medieval times! The house separates into two different floors (similarly to the official LEGO modular buildings). The first floor includes the entrance to the house, a staircase leading to the second floor, and a flour mill (powered by the waterwheel). The second floor is used as the living space for our minifig family, including a bed, rug, and small kitchen.

     The exterior of the house includes the all-important waterwheel along with the river that powers it. The first story of the mill is made of stone, while the second story has a tudor-style aesthetic, showing the framework of the house. The back of the house comes complete with a back door entrance and a small flowerbed.

     When designing this model I was greatly inspired by the recent Old Fishing Store. I love the rustic feel of the set and wanted to capture it again with a different theme. LEGO has released sets in the past that included waterwheels, however, none showed off how a watermill works within the building. I believe this could be a great opportunity to show off the inner mechanisms of a medieval mill.