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The Community Open House

The “Community Open House” is like no other LEGO set.
Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the “Community Open House”.

The “Community Open House” is designed for people to come together to enjoy the company of friends and make new friends.

The design of the 3 levelled house has a unique feature; hinged walls. These walls at the back of the house can open and close just like a dolls house. I designed the Community Open House, this way to make it very easy to play with and when you're done playing, you can simply close the walls up and store all your figures and furniture inside, keeping them safe and secure.

The house has an open-plan living/dining area with an illuminating fire place, and a kitchen. The house also consists of a bedroom, bathroom, arts studio and a rooftop garden with a BBQ and a table and seating area.

There are many reasons for friends to come together at the Community Open House. Friends can use the communal kitchen for cooking and eating, rooftop garden to relax, entertain and play with pets. All furniture can easily be moved around to suit your style or mood.

The set also includes 4 minifigures and a dog.
I believe that this would make an amazing LEGO set because LEGO has never made something like this before. This set can be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

You can use your imagination and create many of your own stories. It can be added to any LEGO city, or it can still look amazing as a stand-alone building set.

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