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Modular Post Office


Third in my series of modular buildings is a post office. It's size might be small, but it has the primary elements or a small city or rural town post office.

Mail sorting and holding behind a counter with said counter a letter scales sit and a stamper to post mark the mail.

A small counter in front of the main window is where customers can finish off their letters or packages before posting them.

Two minifigs come in this set idea, plus a typical Lego mail box out the front.

The building style leans towards Art Deco with some Victorian era inspiration also.

Again it's another 16 wide gap filler for Assembly Square but also adding to my gas station and farmers hardware store would fit out a neat rural town scene.

Sadly I forgot to count the bricks, etc., but I would say the price in USD would be between 50 and 75 dollars.

Thank you for reading and viewing images, please if you like this design support and follow it.

Brick On Support On everyone !


P.S. please don't forget to check out my other modular builds.


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