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Level 5: Boudicca Unites the Celts at Stonehenge


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"Civilizations and Empires" Level 5: Boudicca Unites the Celts at Stonehenge

The nations of the world begin to join together to fight the new common threats that face them all. The gods of Olympus continue to race around the world, manifesting themselves as the deities of every civ, rallying humankind to the common cause. Apollo and Artemis manifest as Belenus and Brigantia, to unify the warring nations around Stonehenge, and mount up the troops the world needs to defeat the monstrous Titans!

  • Trace cosmic alignments and omens with a circular Stonehenge and authentic megaliths
  • Titus Germanicus has been sent to save his golden eagle... and smash the sacred stones
  • Build the modular European fort... Summon magical powers from all the modular henges

No more generic and boring barbarians... Now you get the authentic tribes of Ancient Europe! This set gives you the power to make infinite variations of archaeo-astronomical alignments, megalithic stonehenges, heroic dolmen tombs, and iconic trilitha across your Lego landscapes, plus a realistic fort that can be used by the Celts or the Romans on the frontier. Plus it's designed to interface perfectly with Castle sets and Lord of the Rings! 

The Epic story begins in Rome, so be sure to start there. Next, be sure to vote your support for free by pressing the big green button at the top right of each page. It's totally free to vote for as many sets as you want, since most of the fans are kids! 

As soon as you have done that, you are ready to continue your journey onward to Civilizations and Empires, Level 6: The Titans Unleash the Kraken...

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