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Spyrius Black Lightning

Spyrius are one of the more mysterious LEGO Space factions. My understanding is that they spy on other factions and steal their technology to use to advance their own vehicles. There weren't that many Spyrius sets, just a couple of ships, big robots and a base. They first appeared in 1994. 

This new design I've named the Black Lightning. The fastest ship known in the galaxy. It has no weapons and is made just for reconnaissance. M-tron have never managed to capture one and Blacktron have never shot one down, despite numerous efforts. 
It has four engines and two flight positions, one for space and one for atmospheric flight. The first picture shows it in the atmospheric flight position. The second picture, in the space flight position.

The Black Lightning has a crew of two, one classic Spyrius minifigure and one classic Spyrius droid. 
I tried to make the shape and colour scheme fit with the classic Spyrius sets while also taking advantage of new LEGO elements and a few new building techniques.

Thanks for viewing and reading! If you like something specific about this ship please let me know and the comments! Please also check out my other builds! I LOVE LEGO Space!

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