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What is this?
This is my campaign for an official MythBusters LEGO set.

As a fan of the MythBusters show I believe it is time for the crew to be immortalized as LEGO minifigures. Not only am I sure that they would feel honored by this, I'm sure that a lot of their fans would like a LEGO set with them in it.

What can it be?
What can't it be! In their own workshop alone, the MythBusters have worked with cannons, animal, cars, swords, chemicals and more. A set could recreate any of the fan favorite experiments, but ideally an official set would allow us to rebuild it in different ways to replicate several different experiments.

Click on the support button and let The LEGO Group know how badly you want this done.

Do you have any Proof of Concept builds?
Yes. Scroll down this page to see a list of them.

And lastly, thanks for all the support I have gotten.

Proof of Concept builds:

- Chicken Gun (or Do frozen chickens cause more damage than thawed chickens when shot at a plane's windshield?) (same as above)

- Killer Washing Machine (or Is there any truth to the strange story of a man who died when he tried to compact his laundry in the washing machine by standing on it?)

- Can a speeding arrow be snatched out of the air?

- Can a jet pack be created from plans on the internet?

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