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Disrupter Starfighter

This Lego Starfighter is a spaceship that fights evil and helps defend the galaxy. It has an opening cockpit that you can place a minifigure in. It has five boosters in the back that help it get off the ground and fly. I built this spaceship because one day I was observing my lego collection and I noticed that I didn’t have a spaceship for my minifigures to go in. I started building immediately. I finished with the ship 
soon after.

I believe that this would make an amazing lego set because when children want for their minifigures to adventure the sky and discover new planets this would be the lego set. It is very fun to play with and very easy to build for all ages. The most amazing part about this build is that so many children enjoy playing with it. That is why I believe this would make an amazing lego set.

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