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Haunted Hispanola


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Roger the Rove has discovered an old abandoned Spanish fort. Can he find the treasure inside without being scared out of his wits?


-Small sailboat can be docked in front of the fort

-2 play sets can be joined or separated by removable bridge

-Secret trap door in the floor to stash treasure

- Big nasty spider guarding the chest

- Spooky dungeon with a spiral staircase and a parapet with a canon

- Minifigs of Roger, a Translucent ghost, and the Skeleton of a Spanish Soldier

- 560 bricks

This was one of those projects where every piece just fell right into place. I think this would make a great addition to larger Pirate sets, or a nice beginner set because it's easy to build and offers plenty of playability. If you like it, PLEASE SUPPORT, share, comment, and check out my other projects.

Happy Building!