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Boston Skyline


Boston, Massachusetts. 

Few cities are as iconic as Boston. As the birthplace of the American Revolution, this town has always been a beacon of freedom and inspiration around the world. We're a resilient city with a storied past. We are the host to the most amazing Marathon in the world. And though this set highlights some of its more modern marvels, I've placed the oldest to the far left. The Massachusetts State House. Completed in 1798 this beautiful domed building was designed by architect Charles Bulfinch. 

Next up is the Prudential Building - At the top is the observation deck and the restaurant at the top of the "Hub" (Boston's nickname is the "Hub"). Right in front of this building is the Boston Marathon Finish Line, where heroes cross. A must visit when you are in Boston.

Then we're onto 200 Clarendon, known locally by its original name: The John Hancock Tower. This building with its parallelogram shape was most challenging to build. It's an iconic building as well, made of an all glass exterior - when it was first built in the late 70's many of the panes came crashing down. A lot of rethinking went into that redesign (both for the original architects and me as well with this mini build). 

After this, we have the Boston Customs House. Another icon that greets you when you fly into the city as it's very visible from the airport, in and among the financial district of Boston. Originally a true customs house for the importation of goods into the Commonwealth (Massachusetts is a Commonwealth - not a State) today it is a luxurious vacation resort club.

Finally, beloved Fenway Park, home to the eight-time World Series Champions, The Boston Red Sox. Complete with the neighboring Citgo Sign - an Icon of Boston that sits nearby Fenway in Kenmore Square. 

Additionally, there are a bunch of fun bricks I included:

For Fenway: there are 1 x 2 plates for the Green Monster Scoreboard, the jumbotron and the John Hancock Signature above the jumbotron. There are special tiles for the mound, home plate, the press box and more. Oh and probably my favorite: there is a green roof on Fenway that grows fruits and vegetables all summer. 

For the State House - I used two  1x4 flat tiles with custom decorations that represent the front facade of the building.

For The Custom House - I created a 1x1 decoration of the clock and used that on all four sides. 

I'm not sure this set will get a lot of love from Yankees fans and probably many other sports fans. I'm proud to be a football fan too - so if you're feeling sour still from the last Super Bowl... bummer. But I am very fond of my hometown and who doesn't want to see their city as a LEGO set? 

What can I say, I love that dirty water. 

Cheers! ;)



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