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Lego Makeme

I remember a time when Lego was about one's imagination and the endless possibillities one can make anything out of one's Imagination.But now Imagination is simply destroyed by a simple but deadly thing called instructions.But what if we can keep the instructions and re-add the creativity. Listening? Introducing Lego Makeme.It fits into a small 16x16 base and enables the user to place the layouts as he pleases The compact design enables it to fit into a 16*16 And can be stacked up put beside or go below any thing and ever thing The Lego Minifugure can enjoy the confort of series 1's confortable home setting and because it is compact it uses lesser bricks thereby making the set cheap and affordable for anyone. Enjoy multiple designs of kitchen, livings rooms or Just Every single space in your house possible

The first set is a gourmet Kitchen is fit for any Makeme Home.This set is one of 3 possible kitchen designs

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