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Commodore Amiga 500 minicomputer


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You can't forget your first computer or console. Never. The feeling when you received it; the pulse to use it at every opportunity, and the desire to share the happiness, inviting friends home to play. From this love comes this project...

The Commodore Amiga family was a revolution for the industry, and a HUGE dream for anyone in Europe from '85 to early '90s. Th best selling version was the 500 model: this 16 bit became popular thanks to its graphical, audio and multi-tasking abilities, used greatly for gaming and programming demos. In fact, could be considered the first multimedia computer ever created!

As for the other Minicomputers I did, this mini Amiga 500 is in scale, with all the stuff in the right place: keys, disk drive, ports. And because they're awesome, I also did a couple of those little 3.5" disks, but not not to scale: there's no 3x3 flat piece, and the 4x4 is too big. Anyway, you can use the disk drive and even open the hood for a little check. There's even a ram expansion in there! :-)
I hope every Commodore aficionado like it! ...and even some Atari ones, maybe. ;-D