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The Hygge Home

Hygge is the Danish concept of cosiness and comfort. It involves quality family time, building relationships, and staying inside during the cold winter months. This set is centred around this idea, and features a family, all bringing hygge into their home. 

Their methods include wrapping up warm and stargazing on the roof, reading a book under a blanket, roasting marshmallows, baking, enjoying a steaming cup of cocoa, and of course, spending time with family.

With no technology in sight, the build is full of candles, rugs and plants. The large table is covered with home-baked goods. The roofs and some of the walls are easily detachable to allow easy access to the interior, which is packed with details. All areas (including the roof) are accessible for the minifigures via staircases and ladders.

This set’s embodiment of such a core Danish tradition makes it an ideal LEGO product. It would be a great way to get hygge yourself, building it in the cosy warmth of your home with family. 

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