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Modular Townhouse

This building is a townhouse. It has three floors and has many windows on all three floors to allow for views and sunlight to enter the building. It is compatible with all other modular buildings.

The ground floor is connected to the sidewalk. On the left side are the staircase leading up to the front door. Next to the staircase is the garage, which has an openable door and has space to hold one car and a few tools and machinery.

The first floor has the kitchen, living room and an outdoor balcony. The kitchen has a few drawers, cabinets and a stove. Next to the kitchen are the stairs leading to the next floor. The living room has a large sofa and a TV set in front of it. The outdoor balcony is next to the living room and is accessed by a sliding door setup with two seats out in the balcony for minifigures to catch some fresh air.

The second floor has a bathroom and a bedroom. The bathroom has a toilet and a walk-in shower. The shower wall is textured, there is a glass wall separating it and the toilet. Next to it is the bed. The bed is simple and has space for two minifigures.

I believe this would make a great set as it would bring a new type of building and a new variety of colours and textures. If you do agree with me, then please do support this project and help it reach 10,000 supporters.

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